Contest Rules

  • Competitors will be accompanied by staff when they need to leave the hall during the competition. The competitor and his/her team who have left the competition area without staff can be disqualified by the organizing committee.

  • Competitors are not allowed to use electronic devices such as phones, tablets etc. during the competition.

  • Competitors who brute-force the judge system or who take advantage of the possible bugs of the system will be disqualified.

  • The group members participating in the qualification and the final round must be the same, i.e. a group cannot change members after the qualification round.

  • The final round will be held at METU Computer Engineering Department and in a Linux (Ubuntu) environment.

  • In order to participate in the final round, you must pass in the qualification round.

  • Qualification will be made through this site.

  • You can use the languages specified on this page in the competition.

  • The competition will be held in the form of one qualification round and one final round.

  • Everyone can join the competition. But only undergraduate students can participate in the final round. Groups must bring their student certificates to participate in the final round.

  • You can participate in the competition individually or as a team. Teams can consist of up to 3 people.

Supported Languages

  • C
  • C# (Mono)
  • C++03
  • C++11
  • Fortran
  • Haskell
  • Java 8
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 7
  • Perl
  • Python 2
  • Python 3
  • Ruby 2.3
  • Rust
  • VB (Mono)


  • Will I have difficulty entering METU campus?
  • Since the name list of the contestants participating in the final round will be given to the security officers at the gates of the campus, you will be able to easily enter with your ID's. We will also have some of our friends accompany you from the accommodation place to the campus.

  • If I come by my own vehicle, will I get a refund on my fuel?
  • No.

  • Can I arrange or pay for my own accommodation and transportation?
  • Yes.

  • How can I get from Ankara to METU?
  • The finalists will be contacted again and the necessary information will be shared.

  • Will my accommodation expenses be compensated?
  • Accommodation of the contestants will be organized and paid by us.

  • How can I go to the accommodation place?
  • The day before the contest, our friends will accompany you from AŞTİ or the train station to the accommodation place at the time that will have been set.

  • Will my travel expenses be covered?
  • Train or bus tickets you have bought to join the final round will be compensated by us. To get the refund, the contestants are responsible for sending their tickets to us.

  • What are my options if the programming language I want to use is not in the valid programming language list?
  • You can contact us. If we deem it proper, you may use it.

  • How can I participate?
  • To participate, all you have to do is to fill the application form between February 21 - March 20.


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